Time management features

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Feature imageTime tracking and reporting

ProjectCoordinator helps in effectively tracking the time resources spent on different activities. Once a resource is allocated to a particular activity, he or she can enter the time they are spending on that activity. Through ProjectCoordinator time management, resources can track the regular time as well as over time that they are putting in different activities. 

The time can be entered through ProjectCoordinator Mobil & Desktop applications as well as through the web interface making it easier for the resource to enter the time and avoid any delays by accessing it from any time and anywhere. 

The time entered by the resource is presented in daily, weekly and monthly formats. The web interface as well as Desktop application allows resource to enter or modify the time directly in the weekly and monthly view itself.

After entering the time for a month, at the end resource can submit the time report to the managers. Once it is submitted, the time report will be automatically locked so that further modifications are prevented. If needed managers can unlock the report allowing further changes by the resource.

ProjectCoordinator comes with a number of default time reports that enable managers to monitor, human resource department can see the actual time including the over time and the accounting department can use it for the customer billing purpose.

The below video shows how the time tracking can be done in ProjectCoordinator