Resource management for optimal resource utilization

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Effective management of resources is an essential task for companies that are managing different projects. It is important for them to efficiently organize and allocate personal as well as equipment for different projects, same time avoiding idle resources.  Having the information about the availability of the resource and have them available at the right time for the activities plays a vital role in managing the costs and smoothly executing the project activities. The resource management area of ICoordinator™   has been developed in order to manage the resources optimally for the industries that are in project management.

Get a bird’s-eye view of all the resources

With the resource planner, the resource managers could get an overall view of all the resources and their current utilization. It helps managers to identify the over utilization based on the work allocation of the resources in different projects. While accumulating the work allocation status, ICoordinator™  not only considers that particular workspace, it takes information from all the work places in order to calculate the resource utilization. This means, if the resource is involved in another project and assigned to a specific activity at the same time by another resource manager, it will show in the utilization report of the other manager and can help in avoiding the over allocation.

Manage the roles and skill set of your resources

In order to allocate the right resource for a specific activity, it is important to know whether the resource has the correct skillset to perform that particular task. With the role and skill set management features in ICoordinator™ , resource managers could get an in-depth view of the skills possessed by a particular resource.  The tool allows to have customized fields so that if necessary more information against a resource can be captured.

Multiple currencies for effective resource cost management

As part of the resource management, ICoordinator™  allows multiple currency types and a resource can be assigned to a default rate and default working time per day. If needed, each workspace can have its own currency; in this case, all the users associated to that particular workspace will have the same currency and rate.  When you have multiple locations or departments spread across different regions, this helps in having different currencies/rates for the resources based on the regions they are working.

Have control over the equipment usage and availability

With the ability to define custom resources, resource managers can include all the machineries and equipment that are needed for different activities. The custom defined resources contains information like daily availability time, hourly cost, fixed cost, currency and other user defined fields. These resources can be allocated to activities in the resource planner and the resource manager could see the utilization report based the available time of that resource. This ensures that the right equipment is available at the right time for performing an activity.

Resource management reports for the optimal resource utilization

Resource planner in ICoordinator™  comes with a wide variety of reports enabling managers to have optimal resource utilization and clear view on the resource allocation.  The reports can be produced on a portal level, organizational unit level, workspace and resource group level for a particular time period. Some of the reports include resource utilization, assigned activities per resource, assigned activities per unit and resource, resource allocation per user/unit etc. Another useful report is the one that gives the comparison between estimated, allocated, available and the reported time of resources. The reports can be exported to Excel and PDF and can be printed out directly.