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Easy to access and share, a centralized location to keep all the documents related to the projects and activities, organized files and folders and the possibility to collaborate with other users are some of the key characteristics of a good document management system. Providing all these key possibilities within a highly secured environment is often challenging and it concerns a lot of companies as well as end users. ProjectCoordinator’s document management area is built keeping in mind these versatile features without compromising the security aspects.

Folder based file structure

The Document management section encompasses all the ingredients of a secured web-based document management system. Each workspace has a storage area to store data in all formats including documents and images. The interface of the online document management area in ProjectCoordinator has made similar to the one in Windows Explorer® making it easier for users to understand the layout. Users can easily upload, move, copy and edit documents and folders; One can drag and drop the files from the computer to the online document area.

The files within the document management area can be published externally. The links can be sent as an email to external as well internal users without leaving the interface. The files with folders can be exported directly from the web interface to the computer.

Feature image
Feature image


One of the key aspects that differentiate ProjectCoordinator is its secure environment where all the data is securely stored on servers that are hosted in Sweden. With access rights for different roles to access lobby, workspaces, folders and different features within the system, accessing a particular file or folder can be tightly controlled. The files that are stored in a particular folder can be locked so that other members could have only the read-only permission. Users can also subscribe to any file so that any changes on that file could be notified. Files could be made as public so that anyone can access it through the link provided and the private files could be accessed only after login to the system with the right access.

Document version handling

In a collaborative environment, often it is a challenge to keep track of the files you are working with and the changes that are made over a period; it is possible to overwrite an existing file by mistake. The in-built version controlling system enable users to keep the history of the changes they have made in different versions of a particular document. At anytime users could go back to an earlier version of the document and see its earlier status. This means also that in case if someone overwritten a file by mistake, the previous version of the file could be retrieved from the version history.

Feature image
Feature image

Review & approval workflow

Apart from storing files, ProjectCoordinator allows review and approval workflow on the documents that are stored in the document management area. Reviewers can be selected from different workspaces and added to the list. End date and time for the particular review can be specified and a message for the reviewers can be added before sending the review notifications. The review notifications will be received as an email notification to all reviewers. There are two types of review notifications, one requesting a review with the comments and the other with review and approval. The sender can specify whether he/she should get notified on each review or after all the reviewers are completed their review. The file can be locked so that any changes to the file can be prevented during the review period.

Metadata fields and smart folders

With multiple workspaces, folders and files related to different areas, it is important to organize them well so that users can easily discover them without going through each and every file. ProjectCoordinator allows users to create metadata fields and associate them to their files and folders. Metadata fields can be created in four types called string, number, date and a selection list. Once created, these metadata can be linked to any files and folders for organizing them based on the metadata associated with it. The files added to a folder inherit the metadata associated to that particular folder.

Under the document management area, users can create smart folders with different criteria in relation to the metadata. For example, files in a particular folder can have different ratings and all the files with rating greater than a particular value can be listed under a specific smart folder. These virtual folders assist users to discover their content very easily. In a collaborative environment metadata fields and smart folders help the organization to effectively organize their content and increase the productivity of the resources.

Feature image

Feature image

File viewer

The file viewer in ProjectCoordinator allow users to easily view the files online. The viewer support more than 300 document types including compressed files and CAD drawings. Users can view documents in all modern browser environments. It automatically generates thumbnail previews of documents and support HTML5. Files can be directly printed from the interface. File viewer allows searching of text within the file and users can have different options in viewing the files.


Access files from anywhere

Apart from the online interface, ProjectCoordinator provides applications for desktop as well as for the mobile. The files in the document management area can be accessed through all these mediums making it easy for the users to manage and access their files from anywhere. With ProjectCoordinator Desktop users can drag and drop files in the document management area from their computer. The files can be accessed for editing from the workspaces and all the changes will be updated in all the mediums. Users can also access the files through their mobile interface.

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