Importance of communication in Project Management

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In project management communication plays a vital role, it is one of the comer stones of collaboration and greatly contribute towards the success of the project. As a project manager it is important to see that the communication between the people involved in any projects have continues flow without interruptions and it involves all the participants. Organizations could use different methods of communication like email, Skype, daily quick update meetings, weekly project status update meetings etc.

Most of the organizations choose their basic communication channel as email. With multiple projects running often keeping track of the relevant communication pertaining to the projects a particular resource is involved becomes difficult as it may lose within all other noise. If the involved resources are working from different locations the difficulty of communication will further increase.

Some of the crucial points that need to be addressed when it comes to communication within projects

  • how to keep the communication relevant to the project you are working with?
  • how many different avenues and mediums that are available for the participants to communicate?
  • Does everyone need to be present in order to get the message?
  • How to communicate if the participants are not in a room or in the same location?
  • How to keep track of the communication and retrieve the information on a latter stage?
  • How to ensure that all the participants are received the message and establish accountability towards it?

With great emphasis on collaboration, ProjectCoordinator has some built in features that can help the users in their communication and address different points mentioned above.  IN order to remove the noise from all other communication methods and makes it relevant purely to the projects, ProjectCoordinator comes with its own online messaging system.   With the underlying concept of Lobby and workspaces, user access to different projects is controlled by the access rights.  Users can decide whether they want to send a message just through the online messaging system or send a notification about the message via email to the recipient limiting it to these two mediums.  Messages can be sent to individual users or to all the users in a specific project workspace. With the web-based access, users can send and receive the messages any time and from anywhere. With the messages are saved online with all the details anytime users can track and check the old messages. In order to ensure the accountability,  special color indicators are added to the messages showing different status as soon as the recipient is read the message.

Even though users can select their preferred communication methods, a dedicated messaging system that is used purely for the communication related to projects, makes it more effective and ensure the messages are not lost in the noise, thus resulting in effective collaboration and successful project execution.