Project Management for Agro Food Industries

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Project Management Agro

The modern day Agro industry faces many challenges. Consumer preferences are focusing more and more on quality including ethical aspects and a healthier diet, high demand for the raw materials, tougher competition, stringent regulations and the need for continuous innovation. Competitiveness at the farm level for any commodity is determined by a few basic factors. These include the size of operations, efficient use of capital and fixed assets, price of inputs, best practices and technologies used to manage the projects, flow of information, and having a business management focus to operations. It is vital that there is continuous innovation, effective communication between the stakeholders, improved product time to market and keep the costs under control. Using the right technology solution can be the decisive factor between the success and failure. Designtech ProjectCoordinator is one solution that can address many areas that are key to the agro industry. The solution can assist the companies to collaborate efficiently, plan and track projects/activities easily, optimize the resource utilization, manage their content securely and control their expenses.

  • Key components
  • Project & Activity Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Document Management
  • Briefing board
  • Discussion board
  • Meeting Calendars
  • News management
  • Cost & Cash flow management
  • Web content management
  • Offline synchronization
  • Time management
  • Contact Management
  • Reporting
  • API Programming Interface
Things that makes a difference
  •  Multi project portfolio and easy tracking of plans avoiding delays and bottlenecks
  •  ProjectCoordinator not only supports complex projects and activities within one company, but also distributed over several enterprises, countries, and continents
  •  Keep your content in one location and share them securely
  •  Shorter time to market by effective communication, collaboration and planning.
  •  Substantial improvement in the flow and distribution of information.
  •  Effective fund management by tracking the project and activitiy related expenses.
  •  Web based access and offline synchronization capabilities make the workflow non-stop and efficient.