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When it comes to project planning, the success or the failure depends on factors like how simple and easy to plan your project activities, the convenience and access to the plans from anywhere, features that can help in planning a simple or a complex project and the possibility for an effortless tracking & collaboration. ProjectCoordinator has been developed addressing a consultant who would like to plan their projects with few activities and track the time spent on different activities as well as large corporates that involve multiple offices, departments and customers spread across the world to manage their projects and collaborate between different stakeholders.

ProjectCoordinator’s online project planner with easy access from anywhere, multiple workspaces, project portfolio management and the possibility to track the time through different mediums makes it unique and ensures the execution of projects successfully.

Project planning

The activity planner in ProjectCoordinator comes with the whole gamut of project planning features. Activities can be created with start date, end date, duration and the person responsible. As additional steps the current status in percentage, estimated hours and priority can be added. Activities can mark as milestones and group together by adding sub activities. The drag & drop features make it easier to move activities within the planner.

The interactive Gantt chart makes it easier to plan and connect your activities. The duration of the activities can be adjusted by dragging in or out of the activity bar. Activities can be connected with each other by dragging the connected arrows to one another; the dependencies could be Finish to start(FS), Finish to Finish(FF). Start to Start(SS) or Start to Finish(SF).

The activities in the planner could be associated to people, materials and equipment related to the project through the resource planner. One can import/ export Microsoft® project plans to/from the planner.

Activities in the project planner can be associated with external links or relevant documents. Users can subscribe to a particular activity so that they will receive a notification based on any change in that particular activity. The access to the planner and ability to manage the resources are controlled by user access rights. The activities from the planner are used in resource planner, cost and income management and time tracking area.

Project Planning
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Project portfolio

With the unique concept of Lobby, Organizational units and workspaces in ProjectCoordinator, one portal can contain multiple workspaces with their own project planner. Each of the project planners in the workspaces will have their own activities and associated resources. The lobby in ProjectCoordinator acts as the umbrella organization where the users with the appropriate access rights would be able to view the overall status of the projects running in all the workspaces. The portfolio summary provides the overall start date, end date, duration, days left, current status, estimated time, actual time that the resources have entered, Estimated cost and the actual cost for the project plans in each of the workspaces. It also provides a projects graphic view with one month, 6 months or 1-year view.


The project planner in ProjectCoordinator comes with different reports. Users can view the whole project plan and print it or filter it based on dates. It also allows filtering of the report based on all activities, non-finished activities, finished activities, non-started activities and started activities. Activity list gives all the list of activities in the workspace and the users could filter it based on the activity status. The workspace summary provides the summary of all the activities in the particular workspace with details such as dates, duration, time, expense, income, users etc. These reports can be exported to excel, pdf or printed.

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