Collaborative Project Management

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Collaborative Project Management is built around the foundation of actively participating and involving all the members of a project in planning and participating, and connects each of them through project management, communication, and collaboration areas and modules. Management of a particular task or activity is not solely assigned to managers , but it is an important part of all the members in that project.

In order to effectively work, collaborative project management introduces breaking down of the projects in to different smaller parts and given to members of departments that are actively participating in the project. The broken down plans or the sub-plans could be connected between each other and synchronize to participate the different actors in the system so that each member is well aware of the common purpose of the project.  

For successful collaborative project management, it is necessary to have a central database that could provide the project planning data and related information to all the project members wherever they are located.  Collaboration and communication between the project members enable them to capture, measure and identify any bottlenecks linked to these projects.

With more than a decade of experience in collaboration and project management, ProjectCoordinator works on the same principle that is the basis of Collaborative Project Management. The key components include

  • A single installation and database
  • Easy access through web interface from anywhere
  • Project/department specific workspaces with project plans and other areas
  • Access to different project plans and resources based on the rights
  • Consolidated view of different projects
  • Updation and correction of plans through web or though iPhone
  • Full fledged Resource management area with roles, utilization view and allocation
  • Closely monitor the cost associated to activities and projects
  • Attach documents and discussions to individual activities
  • Communication through integrated email, discussion board and workflow notifications


The below picture shows a sample scenario where ProjectCoordinator could assist in Collaborative Project Management


Collaborative Project Management

As it explains, the Lobby can be considered as the umbrella organization, where you could view the consolidated status of different projects, notifications from different workspaces etc. Under the lobby, you can categorize different workspaces/projects under the  organizational unit. Basically Organizational units help in grouping together different internal and external departments/workspaces/projects.

In this particular scenario, the resource within the company and the customer is located  in different places geographically. Based on their role they could access different projects and associated areas. For example, the programmer could have his internal project activities in the production workspace, as well as he will have access to the project activities in the customer's workspace. He could update the daily/weekly activity status in both the internal as well as in the customer's plan. Customer could login and see the latest status in his workspace, if there is review delay from his side, he could always update the review activity with the new time line, and push the deadline accordingly. Customer can attach relevant documents or specification to some of the particular activities. If a resource updates a feature specification document that needs to be reviewed by the customer, he could upload the document and setup a review and approval workflow which will notify the customer about the document and the need of the review and approval.

Resources could easily update the actual time spend on each of the activities through the web interface or through the iPhone application.

Apart from the project management features, each workspace contains other areas as shown the below image.

With all the above areas and dependent features under each of them, ProjectCoordinator could be the perfect Collaborative Project Management software for organizations who are looking for active collaboration in their project management efforts.

Who can take advantage of Collaborative Project Management

  • Companies with departments, offices, customers spread across the globe
  • Perfect for IT companies who are having multiple projects and customer across the world
  • Companies who are in to engineering and developing complex products
  • European union projects e.g. FP7 projects, where multiple partners work from different countries with their own time lines and delivery dead lines