ProjectCoordinator™ 3.0 is released

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The new version will be available for all the existing cutomers. Apart from  the general performance improvements the new release includes some major enhancements.

Metadata, ProjectCoordinator® 3.0 comes with the meta data. Users can add metadata to their files within the system. The metadata can be used to search and locate an object such as title, author, subjects, keywords etc . It can also be used to organize files based on different attributes for easier access and categorization.

Smart folders,  smart folders in ProjectCoordinator® allows  users to have virtual folders that contains files that are having specific metadata information attached to it. Apart from having the smart folders in each room and lobby area, individual users can have their personal smart folders under “My Functions” area.

Viewer, the newly integrated file viewer allows users to easily view the project related drawings and files online. The viewer support more than 300 document types and users can view documents in all modern browser environments. It automatically generates thumbnail previews of documents and support HTML5.

Message Centre, in order to make the communication more effective and ensure accountability,  users can communicate with each other through the message center. With real time notification and read/unread status, users can ensure that the other resource has definitely received the message. This helps in higher accountability and quality in the communication between the participants.

“We are continuously trying to improve our product by listening to our users and keeping abreast of the latest technologies” says Designetch’s CEO, Patrik Svanerudh. “Our aim is to provide value for our customers and make their day-to-day operations easiler and effective.”

ProjectCoordinator®   is a web-based collaboration and project management software that can act as the central nervous system of businesses, enabling them to collaborate easily, manage efficiently and achieve higher productivity. With ProjectCoordinator® organizations can connect and collaborate with various divisions and departments from a single interface. Users can share documents, enter timesheets, monitor time and expenses towards the projects and activities of each client. It comes with a full-fledged resource management area and can communicate with other systems like Drupal™ web content management system via an API allowing organizations to manage their internal and external websites.