How ProjectCoordinator can be your Collaboration Nervous System

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Some times, during the demos we end up in discussing about the tagline of ProjectCoordinator. Often people ask about how we have chosen this tagline and how it can be explained. With the vast amount of collaboration and project management features, it may be difficult to paint the complete picture in few sentences. So we have decided to touch upon the core areas and how it can work as the ideal solution for your collaboration needs.

As you could see in the below diagram ProjectCoordinator consists of 7 major areas (click on the images to see the features under that).

  1. Project Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Time Reporting
  4. Resource Management
  5. Cost Management
  6. Collaboration area
  7. Web Content Management

Each of these areas comes with their own features and they are inter-related also. In other words each of this areas could communicate or collaborate with each other making it easy to use components from  one of the areas in another area.

How it can be the Collaboration Nervous System?

ProjectCoordinator has been built on a concept of Lobby and Rooms. You can visualize the Lobby as the umbrella of all these rooms. The interesting part is that each of this components has its own 6 major areas. Being an online collaboration tool, everything can be accessed through web and time entries and tracking can be done through the iPhone application.  We will try to explain it with some examples.

ProjectCoordinator working as the Collaboration Nervous System of a corporate with different sub locations

In this below example you can see that the "Lobby" is the head office and "Rooms" are the offices in different locations. Each of these locations has their own areas and can work as independent as well as connected. For example, each of the locations can have their own activities, resources and websites and keep their documents and files in the online document management repository. Access to each of these areas are controlled by user access rights.



ProjectCoordinator working as the Collaboration Nervous System of Business owners with different customers

ProjectCoordinator can be the perfect online collaboration tool for businesses  who want to have interactions with their customers and resources on a regular basis, have seperate document management and collaboration area for each of the customers and internal departments. In this scenario, business owners can create a room for each of the customers under the customer group, allowing them keep thier documents and files, the internal resources as well as customer resources could update the files and activities on this room. They can present the project plans to their customer in each of these rooms. Resources can enter project's related time and status. Same way under each of the departments, they can have different department rooms and thier associated areas.


Here are the two screenshots of the Lobby and Rooms structure within ProjectCoordinator


These are just two basic examples how the system works. But the same could be applicable for a single department with different sections, a consultant with different clients and projects, large scale collaboration projects with different work packages or just a one person company who wants to keep track of his activities, manage resources, maintain contacts, manage costs, keep the documents and files in a single place and manage his own website.  What ever may be the case ProjectCoordinator will be your perfect Collaboration Nervous System!