Collaboration and Project Management in a secure environment

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As cloud-based solutions having a major role in all the aspects of business, security has become a serious issue and a concern to many of the companies. Having the data in a secure place has become essential and appears in the top priority list of companies.

At ProjectCoordinator® , we give a lot of emphasize on security and understand the importance of safeguarding the business data on a cloud environment. There are many components we have in place to achieve this.

Encrypted data storage and data transfer
While transferring the data from the computer to the server a secure channel is established between the computer and the storage provider before data is uploaded. The information on the ProjectCoordinator® portal is stored in an encrypted and kept safely and securely in a server room with very high physical security and advanced climate control. 

Data stored in Sweden
In order to ensure that the data is safe the files are stored in servers that are located in Sweden.

Strong access rights management
Our online storage infrastructure is architected around permission-based security to determine what users and groups have access to which files and folders. The rights management within this system is powerful and easy to use. Users within the system can have none, Read/ Modify OR Read/Modify/Delete permissions to the folders they are allowed to view, which in turn decides the actions they can perform on the files in that folder.

 For example, a user with Read Only rights could view and download files, but they cannot edit, upload or delete files.

The system allows combining users to extend folder permissions at a group level. For example, partners and employees can collectively belong to a group that has permission to access a specific folder and files. If an employee transfers to another project, it is a question of of changing that employee's group membership without impacting his/her other valid access rights.

If a user wants share a document with another person, it can be easily done by sending a mail with the link to the document from within the system interface itself.

Traceability of information
When there are multiple users and constant update of documents and files, it is important to have the traceability of the amendments and modifications.

The system comes with a powerful version controlling mechanism. By default it displays the latest revision of each document. When it is modified and updated, the system records the history of revisions in the background.  The system also keeps the information about the user who has made changes to the document.

At any point of time users could go back check the earlier versions.

Apart from the version controlling, a notification will be listed on the system dashboard about the latest change happened to the document and who has done it.

Two-factor authentication (add-on service)
ProjectCoordinator® uses mobile phone two-factor authentication to provide a secure access to the online project management portal.  It uses the combination of personal login credentials plus the one-time-valid passcode. Once the user try to login with their regular user credentials, the one-time -valid passcode will be sent to the users’ mobile phone as SMS. Only after entering the passcode received as the SMS the system allows the user to access the portal.

Apart from providing a highly secured environment, the mobile phone two-factor authentication comes with other advantages. Since the user carries the mobile devices all the time there is no additional tokens required.  The passcodes generated dynamically by the system is much safer than the fixed passwords. With the possibility to define the maximum number of permitted wrong entries and subsequent action like delay in entering the next code or even blocking the further entries reduces the risk of attacks by unauthorized persons.

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