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Utilizing tasks for handling project related issues

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Managing day-to-day tasks and tracking the status of internal project cases/issues is often done though email or direct interaction between people. Often the task management is dedicated for a single user to follow up and manage own tasks on day-to-day basis.  ProjectCoordinator task management is envisioned keeping in mind a collaboration environment and how users can manage own as well as common issues that needs their attention. More over, by bringing the task management to different devices, users have an easier way to keep track of the tasks and update the status.

Task Management

The task management can be found under coordination and collaboration section of ProjectCoordinator. In order to make it easier for users to segregate between different types of tasks, one can group tasks in different categories.  Each of these tasks can be assigned to self or assigned to another member in the workspace. While assigning the tasks one can mention the due date.  As you assign a task the assigned person will get an email notification as well as the task will get listed under the active task list.

Each of the tasks has the provision to add additional comments and users can attach documents related to the specific task. All the comments between the users are tracked and saved for future reference.

The status on the tasks can be changed and have active and completed status. If a particular task has passed an overdue date the colour coding and the icon changes to visually notify the user about the status.

Tasks can be grouped and viewed based on status, by date, by category and by assigned user makes it easier to track. 

Combining all these features the tasks in ProjectCoordinator can be used in handling different scenarios. For example, if you are into software business,  it could be used for tasks related to project testing where a quality assurance resource could enter the bugs he found and assigned it to the corresponding developer with a due date. The tasks can be categorized based on different projects so that there is clear segregation between tasks. With each of the task the testing resource could add the comments and attach screenshots/supporting documents. Once the task I completed the developer could mark it is completed in order to notify the testing resource for further verification.

In a collaborative environment, the task management in ProjectCoordinator plays a vital role in managing the day-to-day tasks related to each resources and providing them an effective way to collaborate and manage the tasks.