Improving the security by two factor authentication

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With the cloud-based solutions playing an essential role in all the aspect of business, security has never been a more critical issue. Protecting your data and ensuring that your online business activities are safer is a goal for all the businesses. 

When it comes to online project management software, companies would like to have their project plans, documents, resource details, time entries and project related communication in a highly secured environment.  In most cases, access to the online environment is controlled by username and password, and within the environment it is further controlled by the user access rights.

For the companies that are looking for enhancing the security further, ProjectCoordinator provides two factor authentication*. Two-factor authentication helps in providing unmistakable identification of users by having the combination of two different components, these two components are associated to the user and needs to be always with them. For example each time a person withdraw cash from an automated teller machine (ATM), he or she uses the bank card followed by entering the personal identification number (PIN), only with the correct combination of these two components the person will be able to withdraw the cash.

ProjectCoordinator uses mobile phone two factor authentication to provide a secure access to the online project management portal.  It uses the combination of personal login credentials plus the one-time-valid passcode. Once the user try to login with their regular user credentials, the one-time -valid passcode will be sent to the users’ mobile phone as SMS. Only after entering the passcode received as the SMS the system allows the user to access the portal.


Apart from providing a highly secured environment, the mobile phone two factor authentication comes with other advantages. Since the user carries the mobile devices all the time there is no additional tokens required.  The passcodes generated dynamically by the system is much safer than the fixed passwords. With the possibility to define the maximum number of permitted wrong entries and subsequent action like delay in entering the next code or even blocking the further entries reduces the risk of attacks by unauthorized persons.

*This is an add-on service and need to subscribe to a sms service to achieve the two factor authentication