Project Management for Biotechnology Companies

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Project Management Biotechnology

An amazing array of new technologies has driven major paradigm shifts in biotechnology and pharmaceutical discovery. Web enabled collaboration and Knowledge Management applications are both part of and means to manage the development of new drugs, installation of a new plant or facility and building marketing strategies, with potential to transform project and organizational performance.

Key components

When it comes to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, collaboration , activity management and knowledge management plays vital roles. “Communication, Co-ordination and access to information" embody some core features of collaboration and "Context, Content, Communities and Connectivity" characterize knowledge management. A Manager must ensure that communications are fully addressed. Often under-estimated, this is a major task, particularly in sizeable, late-phase of a project and when a Manager also has significant "line" or scientific responsibilities. The system should be able to assist the stake-holders to effectively communicate, make clear projects plans, share information and store data securely. Another important fact is to recognize that most research generates data and information relating compounds and systems. This data enables to take decision on the project progression. Reducing time from "data to decision" is an important attribute of well-applied KM. This is achieved through easy connectivity and data access, effective collaboration between teams and clear communication.

Collaboration, Project Management & Knowledge Management in one solution

Designtech ProjectCoordinator is a single solution covering collaboration, project management and knowledge management aspects that are the key driving factors in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. 

Modules & key features
  • Project & Activity Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Document Management
  • Briefing board
  • Discussion board
  • Meeting Calendars
  • News management
  • Cost & Cash flow management
  • Web content management
  • Time management
  • Contact Management
  • Reporting
  • API Programming Interface
Critical success factors
  •  Rapid intuitive navigation and a high level of individual control
  •  Multi-project environment
  •  Project workspace for all team members and a site for project plans, reports, information and "discussions."
  •  Intimate informational links and collaboration between activities/ projects and functions
  •  Resource groups and hierarchies
  •  Secure document management possibilities
  •  Anytime anywhere work access
  •  Effective workflow management
  •  Fully, secure integration with external collaborators