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Project Managament Aerospace

Only very few industrial goods are as complex in development and design as the products in the Aerospace industry, be it specific components or entire planes. Usually, several thousands of engineers in all regions and continents of the world work hand-in-hand. One of the key elements that make the Aerospace industry successful is the effective collaboration between international consortia within the industry. Today, new Product Development almost always involves collaboration between companies from many countries and cultures. This globalization comes with its own challenges for project management. Complex processes have to be coordinated, executed and diverse planning approaches have to be synchronized. Traditional methods of project management often fails to keep up with these tasks, resulting project delays, budget overruns, and quality issues causing high warranty costs in the aftermath of product launches.

Collaborative Project Management makes it easy

With Collaborative Project Management, however, partners would be able to easily coordinate with each other, are enabled to fulfill their specific tasks, efficiently manage their resources and even most complex project environments can be managed efficiently. Designtech’s flagship product ProjectCoordinator maximizes the performance, tracking a single project or a portfolio of projects. It empowers every team member, enhances accountability, drives collaboration, and supports better decisions.

The key components includes

  • Project and Activity Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Document Management
  • Cost & Cash flow management
  • Time management
  • Reporting
  • API Programming Interface
Area of excellence
  • In Aerospace projects, ProjectCoordinator can be used for 
  • Project management of entire plane development projects
  • Management of product development of electric/electronic components
  • Management of testing and quality assurance
  • Supplier integration and cross company collaboration
Benefiting from effective collaboration

ProjectCoordinator enables companies to reap the benefits of a completely integrated project-planning environment: 

  • The flow and distribution of information is substantially improved. 
  • All project members who are affected by a specific project issues are informed in real time and can then immediately start co-operating on problem solutions instead of loosing time until the information has reached all relevant persons. 
  • Structures the entire project in managed sub projects with clearly controlled and described interfaces, each project contributor has full control over his field of responsibility, while the overview of the entire project is at any time up to date and consistent. 
  • ProjectCoordinator not only supports complex projects within one company, but also distributed over several enterprises, countries, and continents.
  • Web based access and offline synchronization capabilities make the workflow non-stop and efficient.