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I have reinstalled my computer and now I cannot get the DMK component to work again on my PC in Internet Explorer 11, what do I do?

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In the default installation of a 64-bit Windows 7, there are two versions of Internet Explorer installed, (one 64-bit Internet Explorer and one 32-bit Internet Explorer).
The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer does not support AktiveX components.
NOTE: Our DMK component is only compatible with the 32-bit version.

Sometimes in the latest versions of Internet Explorer 11 the DMK component won’t work despite our recommended changes:

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Problems with DMK component in 64-bit Windows

I have installed Internet Explorer 11 and now DMK does not work anymore.

If that’s the case then please install and use ProjectCoordinator Desktop instead. You find instructions and links here: http://www.icoordinator.com/en/downloads

Read more about ProjectCoordinator Desktop here: http://icoordinator.com/en/support/online-help/icd