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In My settings you can edit your personal information; change name, username, email and password. You can access this function by choosing My settings under My functions . You can also change language by choosing the desired language in the box Language. When you want to change your password, you first click on the button Change, and then fill in the new password in both the field Password and in the field Confirm.

In the box Timezone you can choose which time zone you want to work in. You can also choose if you want the time to automatically adjust to daylight savings by checking the box Adjust time to daylight savings

You can also add a more thorough contact information by clicking on the tab Contact information at the top of the window. Here you can fill in telephone number, address, title etc.

When you're finished, click the button Save.

If you choose Contact information in My settings under My functions , you can also choose to export your or any other users user information and contact information to Outlook by simply pressing the button Export to Outlook.

In Skill settings tab, you can add Categories, Skill, Skill level, Years of experience and choose if the skill should be active or not. These are related to the Resource planner when your user is used as a resource, and are also searchable. You use the button Add to select which skills you want to add to your user. Use the drop down menus to make your selections.

When you're finished, click the button Save.

If you want to remove a skill, select which/what skill/s by checking the box next to the name. Then click the button Delete, and then click the button Yes.