Room Settings

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Under Room settings you can change the room information given at the time of registration of the room. This can be done by choosing Room settings under Administration . Here you can change room Name and room Description, and also the Room-URL.

  • Show room in time reporting

If you want to prevent users to report time on activities in the room, you can disable the possibility to see the room in My time reporting by chosing No, or Yes to enable.

You can also give the status of the room by doing like this:

  • Set the status of the room

    1. Click on the button Change status
    2. Choose which New status the room has, According to plan, Deviation from plan or Major deviation from plan.
    3. Enter a comment about why the new status has been set in the field Comments.
    4. Click on the button Change to add the comment to the Status log.
    5. Then click on the button Save to save the new status and the corresponding comment.

The status will then be visible in both the report Portfolio summary as well as in the report Status summery per room, which is available for the Coordinator and Administrator of the portal.