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After many years providing it as a Free Project Management Software, we have now made ProjectCoordinator® available only as a trial version for interested users. With all the full fledged features, this help the users to test it without any cost. You can request your trial project management portal by filling in the form in the link below

How you benefit from the Project Management Software

1. You will have a project management portal which is identified by  http:// <some-name>
2. You can plan you projects and activities/tasks online from anywhere (View the video on how to work with project plans and activities)
3. You can keep track of your time that has been spent on different tasks ( View the video on how you can report time though your ProjectCoordinator web interface)
4. You can import and export the Microsoft project plans (View how you can import & export the MS project files in ProjectCoordinator)
5. You can store all your documents online and share them as link to your contacts (View the video on the basic functionalities of document management)
6. You can manage and track the income & expenses (view the video on how manage your income and expenses )
7. You can have all your contact in a single place & managemen them ( View how you can manage your contacts in ProjectCoordinator)

Now it is time to create your project management portal!

The trial version of ProjectCoordinator® comes with all the major features. See the comparison of different editions here

ProjectCoordinator® is ideal for users who wants to keep track of their projects and activities, store their documents and files in a secured way, track their project related time  and manage their finances.  

Some of the key functionalities includes, creation of projects and activities, tracking of activities, track and report the time spend on different projects through web and mobile interface, handling of online and offline files with drag & drop functionality, file version controlling, management of tasks and contacts.

Currently ProjectCoordinator® has been used by many universities, governmental organizations and large companies spread across the globe for effective collaboration & project management combined with document management and other essential areas. The combination of different business areas in a single solution with anytime anywhere access makes it unique and a feature-rich product that can add real value for the end-customers.

So hope you are going to enjoy ProjectCoordinator®

How to quick start with ProjectCoordinator®

Click on any of the areas to get a quick view & steps to start with

Getting familiarize with your start-up screen
How to add your contacts



6 Key areas you need to look in your Project Management Software


Once you activate ProjectCoordinator,  the first welcome screen will be your workplace. Workplace is the area where you could switch between the Lobby, the common area of the portal and different project rooms. You will mainly use the workplace to switch between your project areas. Based on the lobby or room you are in, on the right side it will show the meetings, activities, news and event log which is specific to the Lobby or the project room.

You can read the concept behind the lobby and the rooms here

 Coordination & Collaboration

Coordination & Collaboration area in Coordinator is the place where you interact and coordinate with other users through forum, see the over all activities, meetings, news & event log through the briefing board, manage your contacts, manage your day to day tasks and manage the users, groups and their roles. Note that this area is specific for each of your project rooms. Based on the project room you are in it will show the corresponding calendar, forum, tasks, contacts and users.


 Planning & Control

Planning & Control area in Coordinator is the area where you can create your project related activity planner, allocate resources (in the free version you can add your contacts as the resources) to different activities and see the resource utilization, add your expenses and incomes related to different activities in the project and you can manage your budgeted expenses and incomes.


 Document Management

Document Management area in ProjectCoordinator is the area where you manage your project related documents & images. Document Management in ProjectCoordinator allows you to securely keep your documents in a single location, keep your document private or public to share it others and you can keep track of your documents with version controlling. 

While each project room has its own document repository, the document management area in the Lobby can be used to keep the general documents pertaining to your free project management portal itself.


Administration area of ProjectCoordinator greatly differentiate depends whether you are in a Lobby or a Project Room.

When you are in a project room you will have the possibility to modify the project room settings of that particular project room you have selected. 

When you are in Lobby, if you go to the administration area, you will be presented with many more options which are relevant for your free project management portal. Here you can create new project rooms, manage currencies that could be used in resource management as well as cost management areas, create contact groups and add additional custom fields for your contacts, settings specific to Lobby, manage different time types like regular, overtime etc.

 My Functions

My Functions is the area which is marked as the area spefic to each individual user. You can upload your pesonal document or images in this area. This will be very useful when you have project room with many members. Instead of keeping the personal files in the common project room, users can keep them under their personal area.

In My Functions area you will have personal a briefingboard that could show different project rooms and the corresponding event logs pertaining to you. The users could manage thier personal calender and manage thier personal details, contact information and the skill set.

Users track and report their time here under My time reporting. You can select individual project rooms or the Lobby and enter the time against the activities in the project plans corresponding to the rooms/lobby. 


Some of the key features of the Project Management Software

Free Project Management Software - Project Planning
Project Planning

The free project management software comes with a web based project planner where you could plan your project activities with dependencies, attach docuements to thier activities, have budget associated with tasks, work break down structure (WBS), interactive Gantt chart and many more features that could help you in planning and executing your projects on day-to-day basis.

The planner allows you to mport and export of Microsoft® Project plans within the planner.

Free Project Management Software - Project Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Management

If you are have multiple customers having differetn project, you could create a project room for each of your customers and have project plans specific for each of your customers/projects. The Portfolio management allows you to have Project Portfolio summary where it provides overall start and end date of projects with the provision to drill down further into each activities

Free Project Management Software - Task Management
Task Management

The task management in your free project management software allows you to have day to day tasks in one place, categorize them, and update status daily. 

Free Project Management Software - Document Management
Document Management

Your fproject management software comes with a secure web-based document system. Each project can have a seperate docuement management area where you can easily upload, move, copy and edit documents and folders. You can directly send email with the documents as links to others. Based on the number of users you can have the access controll restricting access to folders and files based on the usre rights.

The document management allows version controll for your documents where you could re-visit the older version of your document.

Free project management software - Contact Management
Contact Management

You can keep all your contacts in a single place. Arrange your contacts in groups, directly communicate with them through email. Apart from the default fields, you could add more custom fields to extend the details further.

Free Project Management Software - Resource Management
Resource Management

With the Resource management area in project management software you can manage your resources effectively. You can easily allocate your  resources to various activities with the duration they need to complete the activities. The  dashboard shows  the resource utilization and shows different activities the resources are involved with start date and end date, time and percentage of the work completed by them. The allocation chart displays the planned time working time and the overtime of a particular resource and you can easily see the work time details and the role details and resources could be informed or request a response.

Free Project Management Software - Cost Management
Income & Expense Management

You can manage and keep track of your actual expenses/incomes and the budgeted expenses/incomes . You can capture the expenses/incomes against activities and check against the budgeted expenses/incomes in different currencies.  Based on the entries expenses, income, cost table, budget and cash flow reports could be generated.

Time Management

With the Free Project Management software you could enter and track your time that you are logging against each of the project activities. The time can be entered through web interface and you can generate daily, week, monthly time report.