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The desktop and mobile applications are no more supported in ProjectCoordinator. These features have been moved to iCoordinator

The most important aspect of collaboration is the ease of access and continuous information flow. When it comes to project management it is important that there is continuous monitoring of activities and resource utilization on a regular basis in order to keep the projects on time.  As a resource participating in the activities , there should be an easy way for communication, status updates and tracking the time spent on different activities within the projects.

ProjectCoordinator®  , a solution for effective collaboration and project management is built keeping in mind the key aspects anytime anywhere access, easier collaboration, effective resource management  and successful project execution without compromising on security. In order to have a smooth workflow, ProjectCoordinator® has a web based interface, a Desktop application that could give easy access to the portal from the desktop environment, an iPhone application where users could connect to their portal environment through their iPhone.

ProjectCoordinator® Desktop

With the new ProjectCoordinator® Desktop your interaction with ProjectCoordinator® will be easier, faster and efficient.  The desktop application, which is available for windows and mac environment, could easily configurable to connect with your ProjectCoordinator® portals without going through the web browser.  ProjectCoordinator® allows multi-site configuration where different ProjectCoordinator® portal information could be added and could connect without entering all the details repeatedly. 

ProjectCoordinator® Desktop allows users to drag and drop their documents and folders and automatically get updated in the server environment. One could easily track their activities and enter their task related time through the ProjectCoordinator® desktop interface making easier and faster activity and time management.

Key features

  • Easy access
  • Drag & drop of files and folders
  • Easily connect and keep up with your team
  • Faster activity management
  • Easier time management
  • Multi site access point

ProjectCoordinator®  Mobile

ProjectCoordinator® iPhone Mobile application takes your ProjectCoordinator® experience one step further by enabling easier task and time management from where ever you are, right from your iPhone.

With ProjectCoordinator® Mobile, users can easily connect to the ProjectCoordinator® portal through the iPhone, manage documents, add tasks to the projects and enter the time that are spent on activities within projects.

Key features

  • View & manage your documents and files that are stored on the ProjectCoordinator® portal
  • Switch between different rooms where the users are members
  • Add new tasks to your projects and assign them to resources
  • Change status of the tasks once they are completed
  • View tasks in all, active, closed and my active view modes
  • Enter the time spent against the activities within project
  • Switch between the projects and tasks easily
  • Overview of time reported per day, week , month or year.

With the combination of the ProjectCoordinator® web interface,  Desktop and Mobile application you will have a seamless and effective collaborative project management experience.

If you are not a user of ProjectCoordinator, you can start your journey with the trial version of ProjectCoordinator. Read and activate the Project Management Software here